“Images on Ice”

an Instructional Video

This video is a perfect way to introduce yourself, a friend or a family member to the art of ice carving. As an instructional video, it clearly explains the techniques involved to carve a block of ice into a work of art. Mark Silverman first explains about preparing and tempering the Ice block. This is an absolutely essential first step to the study of Ice carving. Next he shows how to make and apply the use of templates.
  videoVisualization is the key to help imagine a shape within a solid block of ice. The artist then explains how to approach this before starting to etch the design. There is a brief description of the basic tools recommended for the refining phase. Mr. Silverman chooses low-cost, American made chisels for demonstrational purposes in this introductory instructional video. Then, Mr. Silverman actually demonstrates, step-by-step, how to carve three different pieces – Horn of Plenty,
Angel Fish and Eagle.
For each piece, the student will see the beginning block, the marking of the design, the use of power saw to rough cut, and the finishing chisel work. At the same time the artist provides key hints on how to avoid common problems and how to apply special areas of detailing to bring out the work as a masterpiece.
video2 video1
$39.98 + 4.50 Shipping and Handling

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