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Mark Silverman doesn’t have days, let alone weeks, to complete his sculptures. He must work fast. Starting with a huge block of ice in a cold room, he chisels away to reveal forms as intricate and dazzling as his imagination allows. Integrating shapes in ice is challenging. Skill, experience, and flexiblility are key elements of success.
markmMark Silverman has sculpted for such notable clients as Keith Haring and the QE2. His ice sculpturs have been exhibited at public events including New York’s Columbus Day Parade, for which he created huge replicas of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria. Mark and his Morristown, New Jersey company, Have Ice Will Travel, have been featured on television and in the New York Times and USA Today.
Within the past 2 years Have Ice Wil Travel has met the challenge of Metropolitan Area Prestigue Companies. When they wanted “the finest” in sculptured ice they called upon us to create the unique, the breathtaking, and the showstoppers. From the Worlds Largest Ice Float for NYC Columbus Day Parade to the Grammaphone and dog for RCA’s Grammy Party. We did a Viking ship for OP Sail July 4th South Street Sea Port and the Statue of Liberty for the National Guard. Fine sculptued art in ice is no longer of a by gone era. At Have Ice Will Travel we strive to achieve that which our clients require. Be it a simple work or a unique Extravaganza that rely on our expertise. These are a few of our Patrons from 1987:
Hotels NYC


Grand Hyatt

Waldorf – Astoria


Sheraton Center

Sands – Atlantic Beach Li, NJ

Hilton – Pars

HQ Plaza – Morristown

Marriot – Hanover

Sheraton – Pisc

Sheraton – NC




Scharf – NY

Kessler – NJ

Robert Dedine – NY

Renny – NY

Pirfect Touch – NY

Cater Host – NY

Continental Host – NJ








Keith Haring

Moosehead Beer

Avery Fisher Hall



PR Agencies

Richard Weiner

Robert Marston


Driner – Cuestsa Assoc




Columbus Day Parade ’86

Grammy Party ’88

Tall Ships 4th of July

Garden States Art Center 20th anniversary

QE II NY World Cruise Gala




NY Daily News – USA Today

Star Ledger – Daily Record NJ

Peter Jennings – World News

WOR – J. Hamburg



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